Saturday, March 14, 2009

Waffles, Fast Cars, and Old Olympians

It feels like spring here.

This wednesday our group took a trip to Lausanne to go see the Olympic museum. To begin with, it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. The museum wasn't actually that big, but it did have alot of ancient paraphernalia. It also had each of the final torches from the modern Olympics (starting in 1936). Actually it was alot smaller then I expected, and I wasn't too impressed... I mean I don't get really into the Olympics like others I guess.

We left the museum early and took a walk along the lake instead. It was gorgeous! Lausanne is really pretty, and it has the most amazing views across the turquoise blue lake to the Alps. So it was a good day.

Today I went to the Geneva Car Show. It is huge. I mean, gigantic. Name a car brand, any brand, and they were there. It was pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Then again, I do like cars quite a bit. Other then looking at ridiculously nice (and expensive cars)our favorite thing was looking at the trunks of the hatchbacks. The europeans are crazy with the hatchbacks! Oh, and the three of us sat in alot of Peugeots. Everytime we got in one we felt is if we should drive off. It was fun.

And then tonight we made waffles. But we didn't have a recipe, so they were a little strange, but still tasted good. We got peanut butter and we cooked down some apples, and it reminded me of home. Oh and we had syrup.

Today was a good day.

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